New Pencil Brushes!

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Here’s a set of pencil brushes I created for Photoshop (versions CS3 to CS6) that re-create a more traditional sketchy look. I’ve always wanted some decent pencil brushes for Photoshop, but I could never really find what I wanted, and there’s SO many brushes floating around these days, it made it even harder to find what I was after. The solution? Make my own, just like I did with the hard square brush I posted a while ago!

NOTE: These will NOT work in Photoshop CS2 or lower

You can buy the set at the link below, and if you’re willing to share them via the twitter or facebook buttons, you’ll get a 33% discount! (share it first, and then click the pay button and the discount will be applied)

Purchase Sketchyfun Pencil Set #1


Please make sure to read the included instructions!

Hope you enjoy using them!

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